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Engine Parts

What are the main engine parts of a car?

A car engine is a complex mechanism composed of multiple internal parts that work like a clockwork to generate the power that makes your vehicle move. In order for the engine to run normally, it needs all its parts to be in good condition. Let's look at the main engine parts.

Piston-Is a cylindrical device with a flat surface at the top. The function of the piston is to transfer the energy generated by combustion to the crankshaft to propel the vehicle. There is a piston ring in the piston ring inside the piston, which can help produce compression and reduce the friction caused by the constant friction of the cylinder.

Crankshaft-The crankshaft is located in the lower part of the engine block, in the crankshaft journal (the area of the shaft located on the bearing). This well-machined and balanced mechanism is connected to the piston by a connecting rod. The crankshaft converts the up and down movement of the piston into reciprocating movement at the engine speed.

camshaft-Depending on the vehicle, the camshaft may be located in the engine block or in the cylinder head. Many modern vehicles install them in the cylinder head and are supported by a series of bearings that are lubricated with oil to extend their service life. The function of the camshaft is to adjust the opening and closing timing of the valve, and to obtain the rotational movement from the crankshaft and convert it into up and down movement to control the movement of the lifter and push the movement of the push rod, the rocker and the valve.

Cylinder head-Connected to the engine by cylinder bolts and sealed with cylinder head gaskets. The cylinder head contains many parts, including valve springs, valves, tappets, push rods, rocker arms, and camshafts to control passages to allow intake air to flow into the cylinder during the intake stroke, and exhaust to expel exhaust gas during the exhaust stroke. aisle.

Timing belt -The camshaft and crankshaft are synchronized to ensure accurate timing to keep the engine running normally. The belt is made of heavy-duty rubber with gears and is used to grab the pulley from the camshaft and crankshaft. The chain is similar to a bicycle chain, with teeth wrapped around a pulley.

Common Engine Problems

With so many mechanisms performing many tasks at lightning speed, over time, parts may begin to wear causing your car to behave differently. Here are the most common engine problems and their associated symptoms:

Poor compression – Results in loss of power, misfiring, or no-start.

Cracked engine block – Causes overheating, smoke coming from exhaust, or coolant leaks, usually identified on the side of the engine.

Damaged Pistons, Rings, and/or Cylinders – Exhibit rattling sounds, blue smoke coming from the exhaust, rough idle, or a failed emissions test.

Broken or worn Rods, Bearings, & Pins – Cause tapping or ticking sounds, low oil pressure, metal shavings found in engine oil, or rattling upon acceleration.

Car engines may seem complicated, but their task is simple: to propel your vehicle forward. With so many components working together to create this motion, it’s imperative your vehicle receives proper maintenance to ensure their longevity. Regularly scheduled oil changes, fluid flushes, and changing belts and hoses at the recommended time is a great way to help prevent the unfortunate circumstance of a failed engine.

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